Aymak Djangaliev and Les Origines de la Pomme: A film by Catherine Peix

Les Origines de la Pomme

Documentary Film. In French.

Directed by: Catherine Peix   Written by: Catherine Peix

Produced by: Seppia, Kri-Kor Films   Website: Seppia   From the website:

“The film takes us into the mountains of Tian Shan in Kazakhstan where the first apple trees were born, 165 million years ago. Called Malus sieversii, they grow in thick forests of trees, all different from each other, some of them being three hundred years old and sometimes more than thirty meters high. Edible and delicious, in its shapes and colours, the wild apple Malus sieversii has this special characteristic of being naturally resistant to the traditional pathogens of the domestic apple, including apple scab.

Through a scientific and historical investigation, the film chronicles the life of a Kazakh scholar, Aymak Djangaliev, who devoted himself to studying and protecting this unique world heritage. It also highlights the contemporary issues brought up by the discovery of the apple of origins. Malus sieversii offers the possibility of a new fruit tree growing, requiring no pesticides: it represents a biodiversity which is essential to protect for the future generations.”

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Harvest, Crush & Press: WSU – Washington State University: Mount Vernon – Ciderland WSU

LOC apple image

Watch the WSU – Mount Vernon Research and Extension Unit’s way with apples.

See the Littau Raspberry Harvester in Action!

Enjoy the peppy cider making score.

Interested in cider making in the Northwest’s maritime fruit regions? Have a look at this handy booklet from WSU -Bulletin PNW 621 Hard Cider Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest (11/2010), available for hard copy purchase or digital download at a very reasonable price.

Want to know what kind of cider research is happening at WSU? Here’s a link.

Want to attend Cider School? You Can!

Visit Northwest Agricultural Business Center site, see All Things Cider for details.

Do you want to gain a thorough understanding of cider & perry and acquire the skills & knowledge necessary to make quality products?”

The course Principles & Practices  offered July 2013  – (2) sessions are already SOLD OUT.

Other seminars may still have space available:

June 22nd, 2013 – WSU/NWREC – 9:00am to 4:00pm

July 20th, 2013 – WSU/NWREC – 9:00am to 2:00pm


Northwest Cider Seminar Dec. 15, 2012 Links: The Cider Market & Industry slides

See free pdf handbooks – incluidng:

New Alternative Fruit Crops for Western Washington

WSU – Mount Vernon, Washington, and Cornell  – Geneva, New York, have cider education offerings.

Not from the Northwest and want cider knowledge?

Visit your local land-grant institution’s extension program to see what’s on offer.

Glean the Knowledge!

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