The Pagan Rite WASSAIL! Brown, Bradshaw and World’s Best Ciders.

In their extremely useful guide World’s Best Ciders: Taste, Tradition and Terroir, Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw devote a few pages to explore Wassail traditions and celebrations. (The UK cover -pictured- even features the image of a torch-lit wassail).

WBC UK cover

According to Brown & Bradshaw:

“Like all the best traditions, the ritual of wassail is rooted in the past but allows every community to imposes it’s own stamp. It’s growing in popularity because it is an unmediated, unbranded entertainment that links us back to the land and the passing of the seasons.”

Celebrate Wassail: Grab a copy of World’s Best Ciders, pour a glass of cider or mug of wassail, and explore Wassail traditions past and present.

For more of Bill Bradshaw’s Wassail imagery visit IAMCIDER:

Sterling Publishing

First Look: World’s Best Ciders: Taste, Tradition and Terroir. What We’re Reading.


Authors: Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw

Publisher: Sterling Epicure

Published: October 2013
256 pages
ISBN: 1-4549-0788-6
ISBN13: 9781454907886

Lucky to get an advance copy of World’s Best Ciders: Taste, Tradition and Terroir  (US/Can version) –  we are hunkering down with a craft cider for a good read and will report back with more detailed comments soon.

First impressions:

Hard bound and extensively illustrated with color photographs.

World’s Best Cider explores contemporary cider in the context of cider history, regional terroir, and local cider traditions. Authors Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw examine world ciders by country, provide cider recommendations and tasting notes, and include profiles of several influential cider artisans responsible for crafting some of the world’s best ciders.

Pre-order a copy now via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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