Oh, Ithaca! A Very Moist City. 1921.


The Cornell Daily Sun

Volume XLII, Number 4, 24 September 1921


Federal Inspector Lays Down Law to Makers of the Beverage.


Official Claims More Liquor Here Than in Other Towns of Same Size.


Cannot Be Manufactured Without Having Bonds and Taking Legal Steps.

“There Is more liquor in Ithaca than in any other city of its size in New York State, according to a statement made by the federal director,” declared Jay Carpenter when he returned yesterday afternoon from a short trip to Syracuse. Mr. Carpenter, who was accompanied by E. J. Holmes, said that they had received instructions from the “district prohibition agent that neither they nor any other cider manufacturers in Tompkins county would be permitted to make any more cider unless they first obtained a federal permit and then gave a guarantee that the cider would never become sour. The official also informed his visitors that the federal agents have Ithaca in mind for another visit in the near future. It Is understood the interest of the federal enforcement bureau was drawn to Ithaca due to the large sales of hard cider which have been made in this city. Mr. Holmes and Mr. Carpenter, both of whom manufacture clder on an extensive scale, were cited to appear before the federal director in ‘Syracuse on Thursday. They were ‘ Turned that they had no right to manufacture cider without a permit and that if they obtain a permit they must absolutely guarantee that the cider would not turn sour. Mr. Carpenter maintained that, although his cider is pasteurized before it is sold, he cannot guarantee it will not become sour. The federal director informed the Itathacans that they could obtain permission to manufacture vinegar by filing a $2,000 bond and taking other necessary legal steps.

Celebrate Repeal Day®: Drink a Cider.

Repeal Day® Is December 5.

The motto:

The Freedom To Celebrate. Celebrate The Freedom.

Read more about Repeal Day®  and suggested activities at www.repealday.org

We Suggest A Fine Way To Celebrate Repeal Day®: Drink a Cider.

Read the fascinating Analysis of the U. S. Liquor Industry during Prohibition originally published in Fortune Magazine: U.S. Liquor Industry (Fortune 1931)

Suggested Accompaniment: A Glass of Cider.


1919: Police Uncover “CIDER” In Raid – Ithaca, New York.


The Cornell Daily Sun, Volume 39, Number 21, 22 January 1919

Police Uncover CIDER In Raid.

January 1919.


Protests Start Action.

Complaints from various sources that Booze still being served.

15 shops entered by Special Deputies.

Stocks of cider seized – from 10 gallon jug to haul of 17 barrels.

Gathered, tagged with owner’s name and moved to Police HQ for alcohol testing.

Some tested on site – results: up to 6.5% ABV.

No arrests made.

Facts to go up before Grand Jury.

Cider seized from the following: Alahambra Cafe, Palace, Cafe, Patsy Clyne’s Cafe, Meany’s Cafe, The Exchange Cafe, The Hub Cafe, Conway’s Cafe, Willsey’s Cafe, Purcell’s Saloon, The Globe Hotel, The Office Hotel, The Oakhurst Hotel, The Leigh Valley House, and Herson Brothers (and a quantity of Jamaica Ginger was found at Flynn’s Grocery Store).

Read the full article here, Police Uncover CIDER In Raid.

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For a fascinating look at alcohol production and consumption across America during Prohibition read this republished 1931 article from Fortune Magazine,  U S Liquor Industry, Fortune 1931. Handy map included.