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The Pagan Rite WASSAIL! Brown, Bradshaw and World’s Best Ciders.

In their extremely useful guide World’s Best Ciders: Taste, Tradition and Terroir, Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw devote a few pages to explore Wassail traditions and celebrations. (The UK cover -pictured- even features the image of a torch-lit wassail).

WBC UK cover

According to Brown & Bradshaw:

“Like all the best traditions, the ritual of wassail is rooted in the past but allows every community to imposes it’s own stamp. It’s growing in popularity because it is an unmediated, unbranded entertainment that links us back to the land and the passing of the seasons.”

Celebrate Wassail: Grab a copy of World’s Best Ciders, pour a glass of cider or mug of wassail, and explore Wassail traditions past and present.

For more of Bill Bradshaw’s Wassail imagery visit IAMCIDER: iamcider.blogspot.com

Sterling Publishing www.sterlingpublishing.com

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IAMCIDER. Photographer Bill Bradshaw.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 19.41.08
IAMCIDER. Photographer Bill Bradshaw.
If you know the world of cider, you are likely familiar with the work of UK-based photographer and author, IAMCIDER. Bill Bradshaw.
A professional photographer who began documenting cider culture in words and pictures as part of a 2004 project recording children’s experiences in orchards for local heritage initiative, Apple Villages, IAMCIDER explores “the fringes of the cider world through a lens”.
Visit his site to read more about the roots of IAMCIDER, and view his extensive collection of cider images.
When not capturing the world with his professional kit – he sometimes shoots with his phone. The deceptively easy and accessible qualities of ‘phoneography’, belie the craft of the shooter, while the simplicity and immediacy of the process enhance the ‘real-ness’ of these images, intimately engaging the viewer.
To find out more about IAMCIDER. Bill Bradshaw, and the many cider and apple projects he has in the works, including 3 upcoming cider books, visit these links:
IAMCIDER. Bill Bradshaw
Twitter:  @IAMCIDER
Skype:  the.bill.bradshaw
All images courtesy of the photographer. All images copyright © Bill Bradshaw
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