Heirloom Apples. New Amsterdam Market.

3 Apples Grav, Pitmaston, H.Nonesuch

New Amsterdam Market at the old Fulton Fish Market, on South Street and Peck Slip in Lower Manhattan, this Sunday, September 29th, featured regional cheese makers and dairy products. We could not resist these beautiful apples at the Flying Fox stall. Gravenstein, Pitmaston Pineapple, Hubbardston Nonesuch, diminutive Dolgo Crab, the charmingly named Famuese, to mention only a few, each more lovely than the next.

Grav, Pitmaston & Hubardston NAM

Support your local growers and farmers markets, and encourage fruit diversity by ‘eating it to save it’. Enjoy the seasons beautiful heritage pome fruits.


New Amsterdam Market www.newamsterdammarket.org:

“Since 2006, New Amsterdam Market has advocated for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Old Fulton Fish Market, a public-owned site of immense value for both cultural and economic development.”

Read more about the vision for the Seaport and the Market District here.

Flying Fox, fruit hand-picked and selected by fruiterer, Maggie Nescuir.

What We’re Reading : Apples of North America by Tom Burford

Apples of North America: 192 Exceptional Varieties for Gardeners, Growers and Cooks by Tom Burford.

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