CIDER REVIEWS: A Cider A Week UPDATE: 52 AMERICAN Craft Ciders To Be Reviewed in 2013

On January 3, 2013 We Announced:

Part of our 2013 Year of Cider campaign here at United States of Cider is

Cider52, or A Cider A Week.

One new cider featured each week. Tasting, profile, or pairing.

Cider52. A Cider A Week.

Update: We HAVE posted  reviews for 16 ciders in 18 weeks. Weekly postings?  No.

As of today we have revised our plan.

YES to reviewing at least 52 Ciders in 2013. Hopefully more.

The NEW Goal:

CIder52: A Cider A Week : 52 American Ciders To Be Reviewed in 2013.

We will review North American (Hello Canada & Mexico) ciders too (if we can get our hands on some) but they will not count toward our goal of 52 American Made Ciders Reviewed in 2013.

We will continue to explore and review World Cider.

But the 52 Ciders in 2013 goal is now CIDER USA.

United States of Cider. 9.5* American Craft Cider Reviews. And Counting.

Rhode Island Greening - detail

* The ruling on the status of the Pomona cider/braggot is pending

Cider Review: Cider52: West County Cider Redfield



Maker: West County Cider

Origin: Colrain, Massachusetts website:

ABV: 5.9 % Bottle: 750 ml. clear bottle, champagne cork

Style Notes: Small batch varietal hard cider, made with Redfield apples and Golden Delicious apples.

Fruit: Apple

Makers Fruit Notes: Bottle Notes: The Redfield is a rare, red-fleshed American apple, both tart and tannic. It makes a cider of vibrant color and fruit. Mid-dry. 2011 harvest 350 cases. From fresh pressed apples, contains sulfites. 75% Redfield, Apex Orchards, Shelburne, Mass. 25% Golden Delicious, Wheelview Orchard, Shelburne, MA.

About the Apple: From Vintage Virginia Apples “REDFIELD is a highly unusual cross between Wolf River and Niedzwetzskayana Red Crab. The fruit is medium to large, waxy-pink to red. The deep-red flesh is slightly dry, making it a superb baking apple that also produces an exceptional jelly, blood red cider, or vinegar. It is high in pectin, but is not for fresh eating, and has a short storage life. Extremely hardy tree is disease and pest free. Heavy annual bearer. Highly ornamental with bronze leaves and red blossoms. Ripens in October. Zones 3-4. Developed at the New York Station, 1938″.

Tasting Notes – In The Glass: Clear bright lively shine. Pale rose – light copper in (clear) bottle and glass. Light mousse ring, slight legs/tears. Aroma of red fruit, berries, hints of licorice, confectionary, culinary apple, sugar, honey, fresh apple fruit, red apple skins, hint of balsa wood, grass, anise. Winey and full of tannins.

Our Pairings – The Tasting Lab: This cider drinks well on it’s own but we wouldn’t hesitate to serve it alongside Lamb, Duck, or any citrus or berry based desserts.

Cheesemonger’s Notes: Aged cheeses with a hint of sweetness and intensity will compliment the fruit and anise notes of the cider. Try Midnight Moon (aged goats milk Gouda) or Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (by Jasper Hill).

Overall Impressions: Oh so pretty in the glass, if there were beauty contests for cider Redfield would be a top contender! It’s not lacking in personality either- pleasing acidity, crisp, slightly tannic, yet juicy. Semi dry with a very fleeting sweetness and a tad bit of salinity. Drinks like a wine- the Pinot of cider.

Note: Here is a cider that uses 25% Golden Delicious apples to great effect.

What is United States of CIder?

What IS United States of Cider ?

United States of Cider is the chronicle of 2 ciderphiles explorations into the world of (hard) cider* with a focus on the American craft cider revival.

Expect Tasting Notes, Makers Profiles, Cider News, History & Lore, Cider Around the World, Pairings & Mixology.

Established Dec 31, 2012 – Our 365 Days of Cider goal is to post or tweet about cider at least once daily for all of 2013.


*It’s cider. Anything else is just juice.

Cider Review: Domaine Christian Drouin Poire Pear Cider: Cider52

Maker: Domaine Christian Drouin  Origin: Rouen, France website:
ABV: 4%   Bottle: 375 ml half bottle, champagne cork
Style Notes: Traditional Normandy pear cider or poire cidre, sparkling, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and bottle conditioned.
Importer: B. United International, Inc. website:
Fruit: Pears. Plant de Blanc, Muscadet, Tricotin, Avenelle and Poire de Grise.
Makers Fruit Notes: Pear is a fruit of patience! A pear tree needs 50 years to reach its maturity but will live for more than 200 years.”
Tasting Notes: In The Glass: Clear, pale, sparkling. Perfumed, inviting, complex. Tastes of fresh pear fruit, hints of melon and citrus, natural sediments in glass, rustic with a clean pure sweetness, balanced by refreshing acidity.
Parings Suggestions & Flavor Compliments: Shellfish, Dungeness crab, oysters, poached fish, young greens, endive, artichokes, leeks, fennel, fresh herbs, citrus, rustic tarts, zabaglione and berries, fruit ices. 
Our Pairings – The Tasting Lab: We tried Poire with French pâtisserie, plum and apricot tarts, chocolate covered almonds and orange jellies. Excellent with all, especially well paired with the citrus candy- creating a delicious creamsicle flavor.
Cheesemonger’s Notes: Try Poire with young, soft, bloomy rind, double or triple cream cheeses, such as Fromager d’Affinois, St. Angel, Brillat Savarin, Cowgirl Creamery’s Mount Tam, or even a lavender and goat cheese fondue.
Overall Impressions: Extremely pleasing apéritif, perfect to pair with cheese or sweets. Well balanced, well structured. Elegant, festive, and refreshing, with an incredibly alluring pear perfume. 
If you have tasting notes to add please leave a comment.

Cider Review: Original Sin Newtown Pippin Cider: Cider52



Maker: Original Sin Hard Cider  Origin: New York* website:

ABV:  6.7%  Bottle:  750 ml, crown cap

Style Notes: Sparkling single varietal heirloom apple cider made with champagne yeast.

Fruit: Apple. Newtown Pippin.

Makers Fruit Notes: “The Prince of Apples. First discovered as a seedling in Queens, New York in 1730, the Newtown Pippin earned a reputation as one of the finest apples of its day and was cherished by both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who cultivated it in their personal estates. Commonly used in hard cider production, this storied apple was sold to the United Kingdom in large quantities, helping to establishing the United States fruit export industry.”

Tasting Notes: In The Glass: Pale yellow straw. Fresh apple aroma. Fast sweet start, with hints of caramel, balanced by juicy tart acidity, “green apple in a glass”.

Parings Suggestions & Flavor Compliments: Fried foods, spicy  foods, think Thai, Indian, Chinese, spring rolls, pork dumplings. Good “small plate” and appetizer-pairing cider.

Our Pairings – The Tasting Lab: We tried Newtown Pippin with Dirty Bird takeout fried chicken, garlic kale, and cornbread. Perfect lunch pairing. The cider was even more enjoyable with food.

Cheesemonger’s Notes: Try pairing Newtown Pippin with Alpine-style or mountain cheeses, such as Appenzeller or other washed rind cheese. Would be great with a grilled cheese sandwich, or fancy slice.

Overall Impressions: Easily drinkable Original Sin Newtown Pippin cider is a single varietal apple cider that is enhanced by pairing. Fresh, crisp, juicy, tart, and clean. Tastes just like we imagine a Newtown Pippin in a glass would. Raise a glass and celebrate New York’s Newtown Pippin. Hurray for the return of an important heirloom apple as a New York made cider!

*Note: Listed as a New York company. This bottle of Original Sin Newtown Pippin was bottled in Milton Freewater, Oregon.

50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA: Washington



Includes Makers of Cider, Perry, Fruit Wines, Meads, and Ice Ciders.
Last updated February 17, 2013.
Have an addition, correction or found a broken link?  Leave a comment or send us an email.
Alpenfire Cider
Port Townsend, WA  
Dragon’s Head Cider
Vashon Island, WA
Eaglemount Wine and Cider
Port Townsend, WA
Finnriver Farm and Ciderhouse
Chimacum, WA
Liberty Cider  NEW twitter  @LibertyCider 
Spokane, WA
Methow Valley Ciderhouse 
Winthrop, WA
Orondo Cider Works 
Orondo, WA
Red Barn Cider
Mt. Vernon, WA
Rockridge Orchards and Cidery 
Enumclaw, WA
Snowdrift Cider Co. 
East Wenatchee, WA
Spire Mountain Hard Ciders Fish Brewing Company
Olympia, WA
Tieton Cider Works 
Tieton, WA
Westcott Bay Cider 
San Juan Island, WA
Whiskey Barrel Cider Company
Pullman, WA
Whitewood Cider 
Olympia, WA
Northwest Cider Association
The Northwest Cider Association is a trade organization formed by cider producers throughout the Pacific Northwest in order to promote awareness of regional artisanal ciders among the public.
Visit NWCA – By the Glass or By The Bottle – to find cider vendors in Washington State.
Washington is the No. 1 apple producing state in the USA. 
Washington’s State Fruit is the apple.
Washington has 7 main apple production areas.
It’s believed the first apple seeds arrived at Fort Vancouver, in what is now Washington State, by traveling in a gentleman’s waistcoat pocket via a Hudson Bay Company sailing vessel in 1826 .
The fascinating history of Washington’s (still living) Oldest Apple Tree, complied by Robert J. Cromwell, Ph.D., Archaeologist with the National Parks Service and Fort Vancouver, can be read here.
Please leave a comment if you have Washington State cider resources to add.
POM00002235(Red Delicious)

50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA


50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA

Apples grow in every state in the US of A, and 32 states grow apples commercially.

Top 10 apple growing states:

  • Washington
  • New York
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Virginia
  • Oregon
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia

50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA  is a list of commercial cider producers, state by state, updated as new makers begin production.



Cider52: Farnum Hill, Original Sin, True Believer, Bellwether, Eve’s Cidery & Christian Drouin

LOC apple image

Cider52: A Cider A Week. The plan: 52 weeks, 52 cider tastings, pairings and postings.

The 2013 ciders so far:

Farnum Hill Extra Dry Cider

Original Sin Newtown Pippin

True Believer Peconic Bay Winery

Legacy Bellwether Hard Cider

Eve’s Cidery Rustica

Christian Drouin Poire Pear Cider

Tasting notes and pairings to follow.

Old apple tree, we’ll wassail thee !


Let The Wassailing Begin.

Traditionally wassailing the orchard occurs on Twelfth Night Eve, observed according to the “new” calendar of 1752, on January 5th. Celebrants following the “old” calendar will wassail on January 17th.

We at United States of Cider have decided to wassail from now through January 17th. Embracing both the Old and New. Being urban wassailers, we may just salute the old trees at our favorite local cider establishment.

The Churchill’s Jenn Dowds shared this wassail recipe with Rosie Schaap of The New York Times. Read the article, quoted below, for a little wassail history and additional wassail mixology suggestions.

“Therein lies the beauty of wassail: more than just another nice-tasting drink, it’s part of a long (if largely forgotten) tradition of celebrating the life that winter can seem determined to snuff out. It’s a fragrant, warming concoction mixed in bulk and set out for sharing…”

Wassailing We Shall Go !