The Cider Raid of 1883. Tin Horns, Conch Shells, Cider & Serenades.

The Cider Raid of 1883

The Cider Raid.

Last Friday evening occurred the annual cider raid to Forest Home. The crowd began to assemble at Cascadilla bridge even before 9 0 clock, and by half-past, the appointed hour for starting, about ninety-five students, supplied with tin horns, and like musical instruments, had assembled on the bridge. Mr. Walch was chosen master of ceremonies, and the procession started on its way, amid the din of countless discordant tin horns and conch shells. The procession first proceeded to Sage College and serenaded the inmates. It then marched across the campus and called out “Sibley Bill,” who responded with a characteristic speech, recounting the various reminiscences of former cider raids. The raiders then wended their way to Forest Home, and entered that antiquated little town in silence. But when the bridge was reached they uttered a ringing war-whoop, and rushed pell-mell upon the cider-mill. Here they were kindly received by the proprietor, and treated to all the sweet cider they could well hold. The lonely little store, further up the street, was next visited, the proprietor aroused from his quiet slumbers, and, amid an unearthly din of horns, he unlocked the store. The crowd regaled themselves with pipes, tobacco, cigarettes, candy, etc., much to the depletion of the merchants stock. Songs were indulged in, and soon the procession turned homeward, making night hideous on the way, by discordant snatches of song and the renewed tooting of horns. The Sage maidens were aroused once more from their peaceful slumbers by another serenade, after which the crowd dispersed, apparently well-pleased with the evening’s entertainment.

As reported in the The Cornell Daily Sun, Volume IV, Number 22, 22 October 1883 — The Cider Raid.


1919: Police Uncover “CIDER” In Raid – Ithaca, New York.


The Cornell Daily Sun, Volume 39, Number 21, 22 January 1919

Police Uncover CIDER In Raid.

January 1919.


Protests Start Action.

Complaints from various sources that Booze still being served.

15 shops entered by Special Deputies.

Stocks of cider seized – from 10 gallon jug to haul of 17 barrels.

Gathered, tagged with owner’s name and moved to Police HQ for alcohol testing.

Some tested on site – results: up to 6.5% ABV.

No arrests made.

Facts to go up before Grand Jury.

Cider seized from the following: Alahambra Cafe, Palace, Cafe, Patsy Clyne’s Cafe, Meany’s Cafe, The Exchange Cafe, The Hub Cafe, Conway’s Cafe, Willsey’s Cafe, Purcell’s Saloon, The Globe Hotel, The Office Hotel, The Oakhurst Hotel, The Leigh Valley House, and Herson Brothers (and a quantity of Jamaica Ginger was found at Flynn’s Grocery Store).

Read the full article here, Police Uncover CIDER In Raid.

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For a fascinating look at alcohol production and consumption across America during Prohibition read this republished 1931 article from Fortune Magazine,  U S Liquor Industry, Fortune 1931. Handy map included.