Apple Sauced Cider’s Backyard Cider To Benefit Slow Food Russian River Apple Core Project


Date: March 19, 2013

Sebastopol Cider Makers Rescue Backyard Apples for Charity

Sebastopol, CA (March 19, 2013) – Apple Sauced Cider™, a Sebastopol-grown cidery, is seeking local residents to donate apples from their backyard for a community cider blend called “Backyard” cider. Apple Sauced Cider will donate 100% of the profits from this batch of cider to Slow Food Russian River and its Apple Core project, which is responsible for raising awareness of and preserving the county’s apple heritage through marketing the region.

About “Backyard” Cider

As members of Slow Food Russian River and apple growers themselves, Hunter and Jolie Wade of Sebastopol’s Apple Sauced Cider aim to engage community members and give back by producing a “backyard” cider, a true expression of Sebastopol’s unique flavors. The cidery is looking for Sebastopol residents’ backyard apples to be donated and blended into a community cider. In the middle of August, the cidery invites all those who can donate to drop off early-season apple varieties, including gravensteins and others, into large bins at Devoto Gardens and Orchards in Sebastopol (Date TBA). The apples will be washed, pressed, fermented, and bottled by Apple Sauced Cider™ . The cidery will then donate 100% of the profits from this batch.

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5Ws of Cider: Jolie Devoto Wade & Apple Sauced Cider 2012 “Save the Gravenstein” Original

5Ws of Cider: Jolie Devoto Wade & Apple Sauced Cider 2012 “Save the Gravenstein” Original 

Hunter Wade of Apple Sauced Cider in Sebastopol, California answers our 5Ws of Cider pairing questions:
  • WHO: Jolie Devoto Wade, the farmer’s daughter and cidermaker.
  • WHAT: 2012 “Save the Gravenstein” Original. Crisp, tangy, acidic. Goes down exceptionally smooth. The secret: we grow all of our apples that we use, and we grow for flavor, not for quantity. The dry-farmed certified organic Gravensteins that “sweat” for a few days possess a wonderful aroma that comes through in the taste of the cider. Also, we’re tasting Sonoma County’s heritage apple in a glass. Jolie loves pairing the cider with our weekly catch of fish tacos, always made with a zesty slaw, fresh halibut or salmon, and a mean avocado salsa. Also great with meats and sharp cheeses.
  • WHERE: Anywhere with food.
  • WHEN: Since this cider is super food friendly, think lunch or dinner. But also, pop a bottle on the top of a hike, even if it’s in the morning. There have been too many times when we really could’ve used a nice refreshing drink of cider, and we had no bottle in hand. Next time.
  •  WHY: Jolie likes this pairing because it is a satisfying protein-rich meal, that wouldn’t be the same without the cider. She always says, “the cider fills in the cracks,” rather than “the cider opens up the stomach.” Our zesty tacos pair well with the clean crispness and smooth finish of the cider. Honestly the most food-friendly cider we’ve ever drunk.
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5Ws of Cider: The Cider: Apple Sauced Cider 2012 “Save the Gravenstein” Original and Devoto Orchards

5Ws of Cider: Jolie Devoto Wade & Apple Sauced Cider

2012 “Save the Gravenstein” Original 


Apple Sauced Cider 2012 “Save the Gravenstein” Original

CIDER MAKERS NOTES: 100% Gravenstein, Single Varietal Cider. Made from 100% Gravenstein apples, an heirloom apple variety that our county was once famous for but is now disappearing as the orchards are being pulled out and replaced with wine grapes. So we are calling it “SAVE THE GRAVENSTEIN” as part of our mission is to increase awareness for the variety. 22oz bottles, 6% ALC/VOL, 672 cases produced.

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The 5Ws. Cider Pairing: Cider Makers Recommend Their Favorite Cider & Accompaniment.

LOC apple image

The 5Ws of Cider Pairing.

The 5Ws is a new feature launching today, where we ask cider makers to share their favorite cider & pairing.

We’ll give you the brand, the cider, the maker behind the cider, and their pairing suggestion.

Essentially the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of cider pairing from some of Americas most interesting craft cider makers.

We think makers who take the time to craft a well made cider, probably have some pretty interesting pairing suggestions.

First up: Jolie DeVoto Wade and Apple Sauced Cider.