Cider52: Northwest Cider: Tieton Cider Works, and more American Cider Reviews.

It’s week 8 of 2013 The Year of Cider, and our plan – Cider52: A Cider A Week, is on schedule. 8 cider reviews posted, and more on the way.

Considering today is Washington’s Birthday/Presidents’ Day, and knowing some of our Founding Gardeners, were avid cider makers and cider drinkers:

We vow this Presidents’ Day to Drink More American Craft Cider.

First up, ciders from Tieton Cider Works in the Yakima Valley of Washington state.

From the Tieton website: “The orchard is perched above the confluence of the Tieton and Naches rivers at an elevation of 2000 feet, considered high for a growing region in Washington State, giving us the advantage of growing our fruit at slightly cooler temperatures. The long sunny days, cool nights and fertile soils craft exceptionally great tasting apples, pears, cherries and apricots”

Read more about Tieton and Harmony Orchards cider apples. Harmony Orchards is profiled in Rowan Jacobsen’s book, American Terroir.

Tieton Cider Works produce 10 ciders, and we will be tasting and reviewing nine, (Precipice Perry Pear Cider is currently not available).

American Cider Drinkers Take Note: Tieton Cider Works now ships to 40 US States.

And they have a great tag line: Re:think the Apple – Drink Cider

Tasting notes to follow.

On The Shelf: What We’re Reading: On Cider and Taste of Place


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