Cider CSA – Community Supported Cider

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

  • CSA allows members direct access to high quality agricultural products grown and crafted locally.
  • CSA members buy a “share” of regional producers goods.
  • Members get regular share allotments, usually via pick up or at drop-off location near by.
  • CSA members generally pay for the seasons produce upfront. This advance payment helps your local producer plan and prepare for the season, and as a member you directly support your local producer.
Read more about the concept and practice at Just Food.

Some US cider makers are adopting the CSA model, creating a new Community Supported Cider, an apt turn of phrase coined by Whitewood Cider, (though they opted to go with the more recognizable term – CSA).

A few Cider CSAs:

In the Northwest, Whitewood Cider of Olympia, Washington has a 2012-2013 Whitewood CSA Subscription. Check their site to see if shares are still available and to see what ciders are on offer.

Charlton Orchards Farm & Winery in Charlton, Massachusetts, offers several CSA options, including a Farm Winery CSA which includes ciders.

Redbyrd Orchard Cider in Burdett, New York is offering a Spring Cider Share for 2013. Check their site to see if shares are still available. Options include bottle shares and keg shares.

Check with your local cider maker to see if they are offering a Cider CSA option this year. Support Community Cider.

If you know of other Cider CSAs please leave a comment.

50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA: Washington



Includes Makers of Cider, Perry, Fruit Wines, Meads, and Ice Ciders.
Last updated February 17, 2013.
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Alpenfire Cider
Port Townsend, WA  
Dragon’s Head Cider
Vashon Island, WA
Eaglemount Wine and Cider
Port Townsend, WA
Finnriver Farm and Ciderhouse
Chimacum, WA
Liberty Cider  NEW twitter  @LibertyCider 
Spokane, WA
Methow Valley Ciderhouse 
Winthrop, WA
Orondo Cider Works 
Orondo, WA
Red Barn Cider
Mt. Vernon, WA
Rockridge Orchards and Cidery 
Enumclaw, WA
Snowdrift Cider Co. 
East Wenatchee, WA
Spire Mountain Hard Ciders Fish Brewing Company
Olympia, WA
Tieton Cider Works 
Tieton, WA
Westcott Bay Cider 
San Juan Island, WA
Whiskey Barrel Cider Company
Pullman, WA
Whitewood Cider 
Olympia, WA
Northwest Cider Association
The Northwest Cider Association is a trade organization formed by cider producers throughout the Pacific Northwest in order to promote awareness of regional artisanal ciders among the public.
Visit NWCA – By the Glass or By The Bottle – to find cider vendors in Washington State.
Washington is the No. 1 apple producing state in the USA. 
Washington’s State Fruit is the apple.
Washington has 7 main apple production areas.
It’s believed the first apple seeds arrived at Fort Vancouver, in what is now Washington State, by traveling in a gentleman’s waistcoat pocket via a Hudson Bay Company sailing vessel in 1826 .
The fascinating history of Washington’s (still living) Oldest Apple Tree, complied by Robert J. Cromwell, Ph.D., Archaeologist with the National Parks Service and Fort Vancouver, can be read here.
Please leave a comment if you have Washington State cider resources to add.
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50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA


50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA

Apples grow in every state in the US of A, and 32 states grow apples commercially.

Top 10 apple growing states:

  • Washington
  • New York
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Virginia
  • Oregon
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia

50 States of Cider: Ciderland USA  is a list of commercial cider producers, state by state, updated as new makers begin production.