Harris & Ewing, photographers. Library of Congress.

Harris & Ewing, photographers. Library of Congress.

We Like Cider.

What IS United States of Cider?

United States of Cider is a collaborative, eclectic compendium & online journal dedicated to exploring and documenting the world of (hard) cider* with a focus on American cider culture.

Established Dec 31, 2012 – with the 365 Days of Cider initiative to post or tweet about cider daily for all of 2013.

We write about cider here at United States of Cider, and on twitter @hellocider. You can find us on tumblrinstagram and Heritage Radio’s digital airwaves on select Cider Sessions with host Jimmy Carbone, now and again, and frequently at a cider tap somewhere in the US of A, and occasionally on the road – seeking cider.

If you have cider intel please feel free to leave a comment, send a tweet, or email us at unitedstatesofcider @ gmail dot com.

*It’s cider. Anything else is just juice.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Daniel says:

    Great initiative! When will you start the world tour of ciders? NY state is hardly 6 hours away from us – welcome to come and try some of our cider anytime!


  2. Madie Murray says:

    Would you like to know about a Cider and Mead Festival happening in Washington State on May 11?


  3. Madie Murray says:

    On Saturday, May 11 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. the Third Annual Orcas Island Cider and Mead Festival will occur on the Village Green in Eastsound, WA. Up to 20 cider and mead producers from all over the Northwest, California and British Columbia will be offering tastes of 70+ varieties of ciders and meads to adults 21 and over in the big tasting tent perched next to our Saturday Farmers Market. Local musicians will entertain the throng while visitors enjoys the ciders and roam the market filled with artisans, organic produce and flowers. A beautiful way to spend a day on amazing Orcas Island just off the western coast of Washington State! Learn more at http://www.orcasislandciderfest.org.


  4. […] heirloom apple. We have yet to encounter any Tilted Shed ciders here on the East Coast but at UnitedStatesofCider they have been present in many of our cider daydreams. When we drink cider we usually enjoy it with […]


  5. onslowsdry says:

    Thank you for liking two of my posts. Yesterday, editors in Canada and South Africa “came on board”. Tomorrow sees my method featured in an Australian gardening magezine. July, it’s the turn of HomeFarmer magazine in the UK with a four page walk through article. Momentum is building.


  6. Carla Craig says:

    We also have a cider event happening in WA state. Is this the place on this website to post for events?


  7. Bill says:

    Love your web site. If you are ever in Vermont, do stop by our store, the Franklin General at 5243 main in the heart of the village. I will give you a bottle of “Blen Franklin”, blended with the first cider Apple to be patented in Vermont. You can learn more about this new and exciting bittersharp Apple by searching the web: Bill Mayo bittersharp (or) BIll Mayo Wcax. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to call me on my cell at 802-782-3387 or email. Tx Bill


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