The Ciders of Summer. Our Favorite American Craft Ciders for Drinking Right Now:

LOC apple image

A Few of Our Current Favorite Summer Ciders:

West County Cider Redfield. A beautiful, pink hued cider with clean, clear tannins and lively acidity. Goes anywhere a rosé can go, and then some.

Farnum Hill Summer Cider. Effervescent, crisp, clear and bright. Well structured with a tannic finish as long and warming as a summer’s day.

Farnum Hill Cider Dooryard series: Current favorite: Batch 1214. A still cider, full of tannins and bursting with notes of quinine and pink grapefruit. A cider that quenches like a crisp gin & tonic.

Aaron Burr Bourbon Barrel Cider. Lean and sophisticated, notes of spice, citrus, apricot, and fresh apple with irrepressible bubbles providing continual refreshment.

Tieton Cider Works Apricot. The perfect outdoor entertaining cider. A fruity floral foil to tangy barbecue sauces and grilling marinades. Perfect as a base for a cider sangria and enjoying with brunch on the patio.

Eden Ice Cider Orleans Bitter. Anytime, anywhere, all summer long. On ice, mixed, shaken, stirred, spritzed, or frozen. A lovely herbal bitterness that refreshes.

Note: We have only begun to taste the variety that is American craft cider. If you have favorites, especially for summer cider drinking, please leave a comment.

Order is not indicative of preference.


2 Replies to “The Ciders of Summer. Our Favorite American Craft Ciders for Drinking Right Now:”

  1. Bantam Rojo
    “Rojo is an example of a cider experiment that slowly evolved
    thanks to the input of so many who sampled it on the path to
    its ultimate launch.

    Rojo is made from local heirloom and traditional New England
    apples. It is slowly fermented with a hearty ale yeast and then
    aged with sour cherries and black peppercorns. The result is a
    truly interesting and satisfying unfiltered, semi-dry cider. Rojo
    starts with a spicy fruity aroma and first taste that becomes
    slightly sour on the mid palate and finishes dry with a subtle
    cherry note. It is the perfect complement to a fine dinner or an
    equally enjoyable casual drink to be shared with friends.”



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