IAMCIDER. Photographer Bill Bradshaw.

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IAMCIDER. Photographer Bill Bradshaw.
If you know the world of cider, you are likely familiar with the work of UK-based photographer and author, IAMCIDER. Bill Bradshaw.
A professional photographer who began documenting cider culture in words and pictures as part of a 2004 project recording children’s experiences in orchards for local heritage initiative, Apple Villages, IAMCIDER explores “the fringes of the cider world through a lens”.
Visit his site to read more about the roots of IAMCIDER, and view his extensive collection of cider images.
When not capturing the world with his professional kit – he sometimes shoots with his phone. The deceptively easy and accessible qualities of ‘phoneography’, belie the craft of the shooter, while the simplicity and immediacy of the process enhance the ‘real-ness’ of these images, intimately engaging the viewer.
To find out more about IAMCIDER. Bill Bradshaw, and the many cider and apple projects he has in the works, including 3 upcoming cider books, visit these links:
IAMCIDER. Bill Bradshaw
Twitter:  @IAMCIDER
Skype:  the.bill.bradshaw
All images courtesy of the photographer. All images copyright © Bill Bradshaw

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