Great Cider Starts With Great Fruit.

We Like Cider.

And you can’t really like cider without being fairly keen on apples.

To quote the esteemed makers at Farnum Hill Cider & Poverty Lane Orchards:

Anywhere, in any words, great cider starts with great fruit.”

We Like Apples.

Expect more about apples – orchards, pollinators, varietals, history, tastings, fruit expression.

We Are Apple Drinkers.*

LOC apple image

*A nice turn of phrase from the always interesting American Orchard.

4 Replies to “Great Cider Starts With Great Fruit.”

  1. Farnum Hill is on my list of places to visit! My boyfriend and I are planning on visiting all of the wineries, breweries, cider houses, meaderies, etc in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and of course New Hampshire. Have you been to Farnum Hill? Any other local cider houses? Look forward to hearing from you!


    1. Great plan. We’re hoping to visit some NE orchards and cider makers this year as well. Check the Farnum Hill Cider website for hours and events, including Growler Day. See the World Map of Cider at to locate cider and mead makers in NE region. Be sure to check individual makers sites for tasting room and visiting hour information. Let us know when you post about your cider travels.


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