The Unpublished Atlas: A List of Apples. A View of the Cultivation of Fruit Trees by William Coxe.

Images of the 24 pomological watercolor illustrations, on 12 plates, listed below, are posted on at USDA National Agricultural Library website in the Rare Books Special Collections Image GalleryThe complete Atlas is digitized, but not all images from the Atlas are currently available in Rare Books Special Collections Image Gallery.
The originals are full size watercolor illustrations on Bristol board, created by Elizabeth Coxe McMurtry and her sisters to illustrate the unpublished second edition of their father’s book.
It is possible these images were painted circa 1817-1831, making them some of the earliest known color pomological illustrations of American fruits. An 1857 article in Country Gentleman magazine describes the watercolor illustrations in detail, indicating they were executed prior to that date.
Pomological illustrations currently on view online, as thumbnails, in the Rare Books Special Collections Image Gallery:
Note: The Atlas contains many more illustrations. The images posted are only a selection.
Hewe’s Crab
Roane’s White Crab
Orange Apple
Grey House
Pomme d’Apis or Lady Apple
Siberian Crab
Loan’s English Pearmain
Rambo or Romanite
The Cider Apple
The Black Apple
White Sweet or Wheterills White Sweeting
Glouschester White
Fearn’s Pippin
Newton Pippin
Esopus Spitzenburg
Fama Gusta
Red-Cheek Malacotan
Early Anne
Monstrous Pavie

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