Cider Review: Domaine Christian Drouin Poire Pear Cider: Cider52

Maker: Domaine Christian Drouin  Origin: Rouen, France website:
ABV: 4%   Bottle: 375 ml half bottle, champagne cork
Style Notes: Traditional Normandy pear cider or poire cidre, sparkling, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and bottle conditioned.
Importer: B. United International, Inc. website:
Fruit: Pears. Plant de Blanc, Muscadet, Tricotin, Avenelle and Poire de Grise.
Makers Fruit Notes: Pear is a fruit of patience! A pear tree needs 50 years to reach its maturity but will live for more than 200 years.”
Tasting Notes: In The Glass: Clear, pale, sparkling. Perfumed, inviting, complex. Tastes of fresh pear fruit, hints of melon and citrus, natural sediments in glass, rustic with a clean pure sweetness, balanced by refreshing acidity.
Parings Suggestions & Flavor Compliments: Shellfish, Dungeness crab, oysters, poached fish, young greens, endive, artichokes, leeks, fennel, fresh herbs, citrus, rustic tarts, zabaglione and berries, fruit ices. 
Our Pairings – The Tasting Lab: We tried Poire with French pâtisserie, plum and apricot tarts, chocolate covered almonds and orange jellies. Excellent with all, especially well paired with the citrus candy- creating a delicious creamsicle flavor.
Cheesemonger’s Notes: Try Poire with young, soft, bloomy rind, double or triple cream cheeses, such as Fromager d’Affinois, St. Angel, Brillat Savarin, Cowgirl Creamery’s Mount Tam, or even a lavender and goat cheese fondue.
Overall Impressions: Extremely pleasing apéritif, perfect to pair with cheese or sweets. Well balanced, well structured. Elegant, festive, and refreshing, with an incredibly alluring pear perfume. 
If you have tasting notes to add please leave a comment.

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